LunchBox 14 (Old School Xmix)

Gregg Nyce LunchBox 14

Depending on your definition of Old School, this may or may not be accurately named. Either way it’s a throwback to the early-mid 90’s with a few late decade jams too. Most of this mix is a snapshot of the type of music that shaped my early DJing days when it was all about vinyl and parties. It’s also stuff that unfortunately I don’t get to play out very much anymore, if at all. LunchBox 15 & 16 will be all new HipHop, Reggae, R&B, Indie, and House jams. So for now enjoy the Holiday Season and relax to this nostalgic mix. Check the Audio Page for more mixes.

Stream or DL LunchBox 14 (Right Click For 320 DL)

  1. Real Live Shit – Real Live
  2. Vital Nerve – Company Flow
  3. Neva Go Back – Special Ed
  4. Warning – Biggie
  5. The What – Biggie & Method Man
  6. I’m Going Down (Remix) – Mary J Blige & Mr Cheeks
  7. What’s The 411? (Remix) – Mary J Blige & Grand Puba
  8. Ghetto Jam – Domino
  9. Passin Me By (Fly As Pie Remix) – The Pharcyde
  10. The World Is Yours – Nas
  11. Vocab (Refugees HipHop Remix) – The Fugees
  12. Ten Crack Commandments – Biggie
  13. Someone – SWV & Puff Daddy
  14. Danger – Blahzay Blahzay
  15. Danger Pt. 2 – Blahzay Blahzay
  16. How Many MC’s – Black Moon
  17. Gimme The Weed (Remix) – Jigsy King
  18. 40 & A Blunt – Das EFX
  19. Wake ‘n’ Bake – The Goats
  20. The Boom – The Goats
  21. Check One, Two – Diamond D & The Psychotic Neurotics
  22. Resurrection (Large Professor Remix) – Common Sense
  23. Fast Life (Norfside Remix) – Kool G Rap & Nas
  24. I Like It (Buckwild Remix) – Grand Puba
  25. Making Moves With Puff – Craig Mack & Puff Daddy
  26. Rock & Comeen – Lady Apache
  27. Flavor In Ya Ear (Remix) – Craig Mack & Biggie
  28. Machine Gun Funk (DJ Premier Remix) – Biggie
  29. The Militia (Pete Rock Remix) – Gang Starr & Big Shug
  30. You Know My Steez (Dobie Remix) – Gang Starr
  31. Universal Magnetic (Angle Edit) – Mos Def
  32. Lyrics To Go (Tumblin Dice Remix) – ATCQ
  33. Street Life (Return Of The Life Mix) – Intelligent Hoodlum
  34. Loud Hangover (Allstar Remix) – Akinyele, Sadat X & Yvette Michelle
  35. The Lump Lump (Nubian Mix) – Sadat X & Grand Puba
  36. Like Glue (Gregg Nyce Lump Lump Remix) – Sean Paul & Sadat X
  37. Like Glue (Gregg Nyce Get Up Remix) – Sean Paul & Lost Boy


One Response to “LunchBox 14 (Old School Xmix)”

  1. Bout to bump this on the way down to North Cak for Xmas!

  2. MikeD on December 24th, 2010 @ 12:27 AM

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