36 Chambers of LunchBox

36 Chambers Of LunchBox

Here’s the latest installment of the LunchBox mixes. The idea for #36 came about over dinner with friends a few months ago. “Yo, you should do an all Wu Tang Clan mix.” Big thanks to Mark & Benny for that one. I wanted to drop this a few weeks ago but summertime has been action packed and I had zero time.

I enjoy doing theme mixes but this one takes the cake. Being in my teens during Wu’s nearly decade long reign I was greatly influenced by their sound. Each album never left the CD player for at least a few months and when I started DJing in 1995 it was some of the first wax I owned. I remember the first time hearing C.R.E.A.M., my anticipation of the Ironman & Only Built for Cuban Linx albums, head nodding & laughing at ODB during countless parties & cruises, non-stop listening to Tical during my first trip to Europe, and being in awe of how ill Liquid Swords was done.

The concept of the mix was easy but the mix itself was more challenging. Choosing what tracks to roll with was tough. I was originally going to keep it all 36 Chambers and the first 5 (Meth, GZA, Ghost, Rae, ODB) albums but I decided to drop a few off of Wu’s 2nd album, Forever. The mix features 36 tracks, but of course, in just over  an hour 10 minutes. Throughout the mix are classic Wu style Kung Fu samples and a dope Rahzel interlude off The Roots Live UK wax “36 Chambers Of Noyze.”

I’m not trying to reinvent the wheel here and this is not a greatest hits album, although you’ll find almost all of the tracks to be classics anyway. There are a million Wu mixes out there, but I had to do it. Hope you enjoy a slice of 90’s goodness from one of the best hip hop groups ever.

WARNING – EXPLICIT LANGUAGE! Please enjoy responsibly! As always, head over to the Audio Page for more mixes!

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  1. Bring Da’ Ruckus – Wu Tang Clan
  2. Gotcha’ Back – GZA
  3. C.R.E.A.M. – Wu Tang Clan
  4. Incarcerated Scarfaces – Raekwon
  5. P.L.O. Style – Method Man
  6. 7th Chamber Pt. 2 – Wu Tang Clan
  7. Method Man – Wu Tang Clan
  8. Damage – Old Dirty Bastard
  9. After The Smoke Clears – Ghostface Killah
  10. Tearz – Wu Tang Clan
  11. Clan In Da’ Front – Wu Tang Clan
  12. Shimmy Shimmy Ya – Old Dirty Bastard
  13. Release Yo’ Delf (Nyce Edit) – Method Man
  14. Daytona 500 – Ghostface Killah
  15. Guillotine – Raekwon
  16. 36th Chamber of Noize Interlude – Rahzel & The Roots Live
  17. Wu Tang Clan Ain’t Nuthin’ To F’ Wit – Wu Tang Clan
  18. The Stomp – Old Dirty Bastard
  19. Liquid Swords – GZA
  20. Verbal Intercourse – Raekwon
  21. It’s Yourz (Excel Edit) – Wu Tang Clan
  22. Winter Warz – Ghostface Killah
  23. Cuttin’ Headz – Old Dirty Bastard
  24. Protect Ya’ Neck – Wu Tang Clan
  25. Baby C’mon – Old Dirty Bastard
  26. Meth vs Chef – Method Man
  27. Knuckleheadz – Raekwon
  28. Reunited – Wu Tang Clan
  29. Camay – Ghostface Killah
  30. Cold World – GZA
  31. Ice Cream – Raekwon
  32. Wu Wear – RZA
  33. Labels – GZA
  34. As High As Wu Tang Get – Wu Tang Clan
  35. Faster Blade – Ghostface Killah
  36. Can It Be All So Simple – Wu Tang Clan


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