LunchBox 47

Gregg Nyce - LunchBox 47

It’s been about 7 months since I last dropped a LunchBox mix. The birth of my son was priority numero uno and I simply wasn’t able to carve out the time for these mixes. As a music lover, I enjoy searching for new music and making the mixes. Much of the music and genres on Lunchboxes isn’t necessarily what I play out although some of it is. Either way it feels good to be dropping a new Lunchbox. #47 features tunes in Deep House, Tech, and Bass Music from artists such as Bodhi, Aden, Detroit Swindle, and James Curd to name a few. 18 tracks in just over an hour, things start off smooth and turn up throughout. Please enjoy responsibly! As always, head over to the Audio Page for more music.

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  1. S.O.U.L. – Hamo
  2. Something About You – Hayden James
  3. Blue Bottle (Frits Wentink Remix) – Nachtbraker
  4. The Break Up (Max Graef Remix) – Detroit Swindle
  5. The Scene (Dub) – Merrick & Baxley
  6. 1979 – Morrt
  7. House Record – Steve Lawler
  8. 88 – Bodhi
  9. Hass – Aden
  10. Move Your Body – Tchami & Marshall Jefferson
  11. Do It 2 Nite – (Lucas & Steve Remix) – Rockerfeller
  12. Too Cool To Dance – James Curd
  13. Blow Minutes – Bruno Farlan
  14. For Club Use – Ballast & Kid Enigma
  15. Untitled 2 – Secret Rave
  16. Foreign Bodies – Color Plus
  17. Fake The Funk – BiPolar Theory
  18. Anew – Chambray
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